Any community needs a place to discuss ideas and share information. The CompSust community is young but there are already some good places to connect so far:

  • Mailing list : (Yahoo Groups) – This is the primary way to broadcast news, conferences, job postings or questions to the CompSust community. If you are a doing research at the intersection of Computational Methods and Sustainability/Ecology/Environmental Systems then you should get on this list.
  • Twitter : @compsust – This is where I post interesting links as soon as I find them. It’s also a good way to find other CompSust researchers who are on Twitter. If you are active on Twitter please follow and RT, thanks!
  • Google+ : Now there is a CompSust Community on Google+. It’s not very active yet but it’s the perfect place to share news, discuss problems and find new solutions.
  • CompSustBlog: – You are here!  Comment on any post on this blog with thoughts,  feedback or ideas for future posts.

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