A Warmer Planet for Swimming Robots

Here are a few stories on new research by NASA scientists presenting improvements in the accuracy of global climate change models.  There have been significant improvement in the reliability of humidity and water vapor observations from satellites. This data is being used to make up for larger uncertainty about other observation data such as cloud cover. The advantage is a more accurate model of climate change, the unfortunate outcome is that it appears the higher end of predicted range of temperatures rise is more likely.

As the world moves beyond the equilibrium we are used to we’ll need more and more data collection and means more automation of data collection. Here is an interesting approach that enables data collection on the high seas and can withstand severe weather such as hurricanes as shown by its survival of hurricane Sandy.

Be sure to take a look at the Green OR Blog which I just rediscovered. They have some great links and news that are very relevant to the CompSust community.

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  • Journal deadline :Machine Learning Journal Issue on Science and Society issue :  Sustainability and the environment (ecology, smart grids, etc.) listed amongst the example topics.
    Deadline:Nov 16, 2012
  • Conference: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
    The theme of IJCAI 2013 is “AI and computational sustainability“. The conference will include for the first time a special track dedicated to papers concerned with all the aspects of Computational Sustainability.

    Deadlines: Abstract: January 26, 2013. Paper: January 31, 2013.
    Time and Place: Beijing, China, on August 3-9, 2013.

  • Conference: AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence with a special track on Computational Sustainability.
    Deadlines:  Abstracts: Jan 19, 2013. Papers: Jan 22, 2013.
    Time and Place:  July 14-18, 2013 in Bellevue, Washington (near Seattle).
  • Conference : ICT for Sustainability Conference : aims to bring together leading researchers to take stock of the role of ICT in sustainability, to create an interdisciplinary synopsis, to inspire new approaches to unleash the potential of ICT for sustainability, and to improve methodologies of evaluating, developing, and governing the effects of ICT systems on the sustainability of societal and environmental systems.
    Deadline: Still time to submit for posters.
    Time and Place:  ETH Zurich February 14-16, 2013.
  • Workshop :Human Computation for Science and Computational Sustainability at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS2012). Bringing together researchers at the interface of machine learning, citizen science, and human computation.
    Time and Place: Lake Tahoe, Nevada on November 7-8, 2012.


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  1. Mark – thanks for the trackback to the greenOR site. I look forward to following your computational sustainability blog, and hopefully updating mine a bit more frequently 🙂

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